Our Privacy Policy

We care about your images and your privacy on the internet. Our terms of use protects your privacy as much as it protects us, and our privacy policy gives you options on how your images are used on the internet. For more information, read on. You can also read our legal documents for all the gory legal details.

Photo Ownership

Traditional photo studios own the photos that they shoot, and then sell them back to their customers as prints. These studios use this 100+ year old legal precedent to charge you every time you would like to have a print of your photo. Because Blink Inc sells digital images, our licensing is set up so that we share ownership of the photos taken in the studio with you. Once you have downloaded your photos you can use them as you like but may not resell them.

How We Use Blinks

Blink Inc may from time to time use the photos we take for online marketing, such as on our website or on social media. We give you the ability to opt out of this when you reserve your shoot. If you do not like your images, or you simply want them to be removed from the Blink Inc service, call us and we will delete them for you (unfortunately, once they are deleted they are gone forever).